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NASA full form | What is the full form of NASA | What does NASA stand for

Curious, what is the full form of NASA in USA (America). See. NASA is an abrreviation/acronym/ that represents an organization.

But famously NASA is known as the abbreviation of the name of USA space Agency.

Here, I will discuss various NASA full form in different field such as science, architecture, organisation, country etc.

So, here we go

What is the full form of NASA

In Science NASA stands for ‘National Aeronautics Space Administration’. It is a USA government organization.

What does NASA stands for and functions

As we above-disclosed NASA is an acronym of a Civilian space agency. It is not a military organization. It only works for making human life more better.

There are four main fields the NASA is working in

  • Space Program
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace Research

Where is the head office of NASA

The NASA headquarters is located in Washington DC USA (America). It is the place where all decisions are taken.

Apart from it NASA has 10 branches called NASA field centers in different part of the world.

How head of the NASA is appointed

The leader of NASA is nominated by the president of the USA subject to the approval of the US senate.

List of NASA field Centers

There are total 10 centers of NASA. 4 Centers it acquired from NACA. 2 from USA army and 4 field centers it built by its own.

Inherited from NACA

Transferred From the Army

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

Built by NASA

  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • John C, Stennis Space Center
  • Lyndon B. Jhonson Space Center
  • John F. Kennedy Space Center

When NASA was established

It was established on 29th July 1958 as an independent body under the act of National Aeronautics and space act 1958 after president Dwight D.Eisenhower signed and give his consent.

This act is also called as spact act 1958 in short.

NASA took over former organisation National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)

The law was passed by 85th United States Congress.

Why NASA was established

See, Russia and Unites Staes always been the competitors of each other in science and technology.

It’s seems like a cold war between two countries for decades.

When Soviet Union launched its first satellite, Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957. The USA realized it is losing its name in the world.

So, in response to Russia’s advancement in space programmes.

America opened an independent organization dedicated to research in the space field to compete with Russia.

What is the goal of NASA?

See, NASA is a civilian organization that works in space, aerospace, aeronautical, astronautical field and research and discovered new technologies.

Space Exploration:-

This organisation is on the mission to discover every corner of the space. Its biggest goal is to find alternative planet with living conditions for human being at the time of disaster.

Apart from it, NASA day and night working on finding extra territorial existence of any life such as alien.

Aerospace Research

NASA is continously researching on better alternative way to fly.

Space Flight Programs of NASA

NASA has conducted several manned and unmanned space programs and the list is still going on.

Here is a short list of both

Manned space programs

  • x-15 Rocket Place (1959 – 1968)
  • Project Mercury (1959 – 1963)
  • Project Gemini (1961 – 1966)
  • Project Apollo (1961 – 1972)
  • skylab (1965 – 1979)
  • Space Shuttle Program (1972 – 2011)

Unmanned Space Programs:-

There are number of unmanned programms. I am listing some important among

  • Explorer 1 – The first US unmanned satellite
  • Viking 1 – The first successful landing on Mars in 1976.
  • Pioneer 10 – First spacecraft to visit Jupiter
  • Pioneer 11 – First Spacecraft to visit Saturn
  • Voyager 2 – The first spacecraft to visit Uranus and Neptune etc.

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