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RIP Full Form | 2 Myths to Use RIP words in death explain

Are you looking for what is the full form of RIP? Rather RIP full form in the case of someone death.

Friends, 21st century is the century of social media. Most people express their sorrow and happiness through such a medium.

You might have seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram people writing the ‘RIP’ words in the comments section of a post.

This ‘RIP’ word is written by users, expressing sorrow and condolences on the post informing someone’s death.

But you want to know more about this phrase.

Let’s understand ‘RIP’ different meanings and full form in various contexts

RIP full form in Death

FUll FormRequiescat In Pace (Latin)
Rest In Peace (English)
CategoryReligion & Spirituality
TypeInitialism (an abbreviation consisting of initial letters pronounced separately)

Lets first understand RIP meaning and full form when someone dies.

It means ‘Rest in Peace’ in English and ‘Requiescat in pace’ in Latin.

First Meaning

These phrases are used in Christian as an epitaph.

Epitaph:- a phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone.

‘RIP’ is used as a short form (abbreviation) of ‘rest in peace’ phrase to express condolences on social media.

Second Meaning (MYTH of Christian):-

It does mean a different meaning to according to a myth prevail in chrisitan community.

Christian scriptures mentioned a day called ‘JUdgement day’.

Accroding to it, on judgement day their beloved body will again meeth its soul.

So Rest in peace is written in such a manner that, the body is resting in its grave peacefully till the judgement day.

Hence it is written ‘Rest in Peace, until judgement day comes.

How to use ‘RIP’ on social media

Generally, when someone dies, we as a social human being meet the relative of demised one and express our condolences.

But nowadays, social media has become an integral part of us to inform our life happenings to our relatives and friends.

When you see a post on any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) informing the demise (death) of a person.

You can write ‘RIP’ in the comment section to show your consolation.

Generally, in social media ‘RIP,’ itself understood with ‘rest in peace’.

History of RIP

If we look into history, in the first century BC, this word is seen written on a grave of bet Shearim (a town) graveyard in the Hebrew language.

Historian says, in the fifth-century BC ‘rest in peace’ used to be occasionally written on Christian graves.

But in 18th century christen’s started to use this phrase widely on the tombstone of their beloved’s grave.

Initially it was primarily practised by few sects of christian such as Anglican, lutheran, methodist
roman, catholic etc.

High church also started to use this own their beloved graveyard headstone.

But by the time, whole christian community started to use it.

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