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OK full form | what does okay stand for | What is the meaning of ok

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word ok is used widely in English all over the world. Generally Ok is used in various sense. For example comparing one thing as little inferior from another, like acceptance, etc.

What we are going to do in this post to learn various full form of ok in English language in various context. Apart from it we would also discuss how ok word came into fashion and what is its history.

What is the full form of OK

The ok word full form is ‘All Correct’ in American English language. This word came into existance in 1838-39 when the spelling ‘All Correct’ was misspelled as ‘All Korrect’.

This misspelling led to use ‘All correct’ phrase as slang OK in English language.

we will go through the various history regarding the origin of word ok later in this article. First have a look at different variation of it.

Variation of OK word in English

There are different spelling variation of OK such as

  • Okay
  • O.K
  • ok

Brief history of origin of Ok word


What for OK word is used in the English language

Ok, the word is used in American English to express

1. approval,

2. acceptance,

3. agreement,

4. assent

5. acknowledgment,

6. or a sign of indifference.

sometimes it is also used to denote one thing a little inferior from another or to show a little dissatisfaction.

How to use OK in different situations in the American English language.

Generally, it is used as an adjective to show the acceptance of a task, goods or services.

For Example:-

“The teacher has given permission, so it is ok not to attend the class”

It is also used to denote a task, goods and service is enough good to be acceptable.

For Example:-

“This chicken soup is awesome but mutton biryani is ok enough to eat.”

Ok can also be used as compliance or agreement.

For Example:-

“Ok no problem I will do it”

It can also used as permission or assent

For example:-

“My mother oked it to purchase”

It can also be used to show doubt or to seek cofirmation

For example:-

“Is that Ok?”

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