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7 Different MOMO full form, Meaning, History, Facts

We all know what is MOMO. A chinese dish. I knew your prompt reply.

But Do you know MOMO does not only concern with a dish, It is much more broad.

Today will will learn various MOMO full form and its meaning with facts.

see, MOMO is an/abbreviation/slang word/acronym which is used to denote specific terms.

So, lets learn different full form of word MOMO with facts behind it.

What is MOMO full form with meaning

Take a look into below given table to have a brief idea about various MOMO full form

S.NInitialismFull FormMeaningField
1.MOMOMultiple Observative Mimetic Organicus (M.O.M.O)A video Game characterVideo Game
2.MOMOMusic of Moroccan originClassification of Music that is originated in MoroccanMusic
3.MOMOMOMO IncA company listed in NasdaqBusiness
4.MomoMind of My OwnA short reply in chat (mobile app)Internet
5.MOMOMomo’sA steam filled dumpling dishFood
6.MOMOMomo Challenge Hoax (Video Game)A Japanese game where a dummy called MOMos encourages kids to commit suicide and hurt themselves in given task.Internet Game
7.MOMOMystery of Missing OutA Syndrome to lose something and someone in life.Psychology

MOMO full form in Video Game

MOMO – Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus

MOMO full form in game
source –

MOMO is a major playable character in the Xenosaga series.

It is also written as M.O.M.O.

The fact is, it is the human intelligent video game character that was
shown in the Xenosaga video game series.

It was designed and developed by scientist Joachim Mizrahi in the memory of his late daughter.

MOMO full form in Music

MOMO – Music of Moroccan origin

MOMO stands for the ‘Music of Moroccan Origin’. It is a group of Moroccan born
musicians living in London

It was formed by

MOMO full form in music
source –
  1. Lahcen Lahbib
  2. Farid Nania
  3. Tahar Idrissi

This Music Band creates its own Moroccan music with Techno, Trance, Garage
and with breakbeat sounds.

Apart from it their are other artist too in the rock bank music industry such as

MOMO Rock Band and a solo Brazilian singer Marcelo Frota also known as MOMO

MOMO full form in sofware

MOMO full form in software
source – Medium

MOMO is a free instant messaging services app. It is available for both Android and ios.

It is own by chinese base company Beijing Momo Technology Co. Ltd.

Momo was listed in NasDAq in December 2014.

This app is available in china i think, when i look for it in my android play
store i did not find it.

As per sources, the Momo app can now be integrated with Facebook.

The Chinese people are crazy about this feature as Facebook is banned in their country.

Full form of MOMO in Mobile App

MOMO – Mind of My own

Mind of My own is and mobile app avilable all over the world for both android and ios.

This app is designed specially for the children so that they can express their thoughts and feelings freely.

read about this more here – Mind of my own

MOMO a Dish

MOMO full form in food

Momo is steamed filled dumpling food popular across the Indian subcontinent and the himalayan regions.

It is similar to chinese baozi and mantou.

C-MOMO full form

C- MOMO represents Chilly momo means spicy with lot of herbs and chilly.

MOMO challenge Hoax a dangerous game

It was an online Hoax game originated in summer 2018 in Europe.

Where certain children and adult received a message on their whatsapp from an unknown number with a creepy image given below called MOMO.

This MOMO directed children to a series of task that lead to them commit suicide in certain cases.

Later, this game entered into youtube kids also and approaches many children and adults.

It was same as blue whales game. But Govt took strict measures and controlled its spread.

It was first exposed by a vlogger Shane Adnrews. see this report

and the last but not the list

MOMO full form in social Media Psychology

MOMO full form in social media psychology

you might have heard about FEMO. It is a new kind of social media psychological phenomenon called ‘Mystery of Missing Out’.

It is a worrying feeling of a social media user that every other one is hanging out without me and not telling about it while they’re doing it.

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