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Is Full Form Of Portal Still Relevant, 7 Clarification

Searching, What is the full form of Portal.

See, I will introduce you with various possible full form, meanings, acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang of ‘Portal’.

over a period of time, there are a lot of meanings have evolved so far.

Mainly, word ‘Portal’ is concerned with stock exchange.

If someone from your known is concerned with stock trading. Go to them and ask, if they have been provided a ‘Portal’ to trade stocks (shares) online.

In simple terms, Portal is an online platform where traders can buy and sell stocks on their own sitting at home.

I feel now, You have got an idea about it. Now let’s explore it in detail.

What is the full form of Portal in Stock Exchange

Full-FormPrivate Offerings Retail Trading Automated Linkage
CategoryStock Exchange

Here is the full form of portal, Portal stands for

Portal’ – Private Offerings Retail Trading Automated Linkage

What is the meaning of Portal in stock Exchange

Earlier stock trading used to be done manually with the help of brokers and stock exchange employees.

All trading was done on phone. A stock trader decision were influenced by the brokers.

But as Internet grows, here comes the online platform of stock exchange called ‘Portal’.

Here is the Definition

In Simple words, Portal is an online platform where a stock trader can buy and sell shares, securities on their own.

There is no need for any help by brokers and stock exchange employees as far as portal’s all functions are working well.

Above definition of portal is concerned with stock exchange. Now let’s explore other meaning of it.

What is Web Portal in on the Internet

See, the Portal platform can be anywhere. you can also create a portal of your company where you provide a certain excess to users.

Portal provided for trading also a kind of web portal that empowered users with certain permission.

In a little different definition

‘A web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources like emails, online forums, and search engines and presents at one place.’

for example yahoo, Pinterest and many more.

Pinterest is a good example of a web portal. In Pinterest, you can select more than one category of news.

Once you create an account on it, the Pinterest portal will show and notified you of related information.

‘Intranet’ is also a kind of web portal where an employee of a company can interact and excess transfer information to each other.

At last let’s look for other full forms of word ‘Portal’

Portal full form in community

let’s understand what is the full form of portal in community

‘Portal’ – Providing Opportunities To Regain Total Abstinence for life

Portal full form in Medicine and research

searching, what is the full form of portal in medical science and research. Here it is

Portal’ – Patient outcomes Research to Advance Learning

Patient Outcomes Research To Advance Learning (PORTAL) is a new network that brings together four leading healthcare delivery systems:

  • Kaiser Permanente,
  • Group Health Cooperative,
  • HealthPartners,
  • and Denver Health.

The 11 research centers affiliated with these systems will collaborate with patients, clinicians, and operational leaders to develop the infrastructure necessary to create a highly functioning clinical data research network.

Portal full form in Leadership

Heard about ‘Portal’ acronym in Business. confused what is the full form and meaning of Portal in leadership.

Now here it is

Portal’ – Peers Organizing for results through Advocacy and Leadership

Portal full form in Entrepreneurship and Research

Heard about a building named ‘Portal’ in

Portal – Partnership Outreach and Research to Accelerate Learning

The four-story, 96,000-square-foot facility is called the PORTAL building, an acronym for Partnership, Outreach and Research to Accelerate Learning.

Which is designed to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration with private industry partners.

This building is situated in USA.

Other terms:-

Portal – Personal Onion Router to Assure Liverty

Portal – Peers Organising for results through Advocacy and Leadership

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