What is the full form of RSVP

What is the Full Form of RSVP and 4 alternatives | What does RSVP stand for

Searching, what is the full form of RSVP?

You might have seen RSVP written over an invitation card, right?

Don’t worry, I will explain everything in deep. Read this whole article till the end to learn some more interesting facts about RSVP abbreviation.

In Short, RSVP is an abbreviation of a french Phrase. It is used mainly on all types of invitation cards by a host to seek confirmation of their attendance in party.

In this digital era, invitation are sends through mail. The Guest can seek response from guest by mentioning RSVP at the end of the mail.

Guest can reply showing his consent in yes and no.

Do you know outlook has special in built feature of RSVP where one can instantly reply (RSVP) in one click. I will discuss about it at the end.

So stick with me, I insist.

What is the full form of RSVP

See, this is an initialism (short form) of a French phrase. “Répondez s’il vous plaît” that implies “Please respond”.

RSVP – “Répondez s’il vous plaît”

It is widely used on invitation or marriage cards to seek the confirmation of an Invitation.

In simple words, RSVP is written on the back or at the end of an invitation (i.e. wedding, marriage, ceremony) cards, that means “please respond”

Why RSVP is written on an Invitation Cards

The Host wants a confirmation from the guest whether he/she would be able to attend the party or not, so that the host can plan the food, space, etc on the basis of the number of guests.

How RSVP in written on wedding (Invitation) cards

There are many ways a guest can seek response (RSVP) from guest. Lets discuss one by one.

The host can mention it at the end of the invitation cards with phone numbers or Email addresses. Guests can reply instantly choosing any one of the ways.

full form of RSVP in english

The organizer also can attach a separate RSVP envelop with an address. Guests can choose yes and no and can post back it to the mentioned address.

What is RSVP in marriage cards?

But now-a-days, invitations are sent through E-mail. Yes you can create an event as invitation in google calender and can send through gmail.

Guest can click RSVP option and instantly reply in yes or no. Outlook also has the same option. What do you say, isn’t it owesome?

What is the abbreviation of RSVP in invitation card?

Read this guide to create an invitation through Gmail.

History of RSVP (How RSVP came into Fashion)

It is the abbreviation of the French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” which means ‘please respond’. The origin of this short form is unknown. But It had been in fashion in France.

The history of RSVP is not yet known. But historian says, after the Norman invasion and the battle of Hastings in 1066.

The french became the prime language in the ruling class in England. So the use of RSVP became common among elite.

Even after the end of French language, Same tradition went on and still in practice.

In 18th century onwards, The use of RSVP on Invitation cards became quite popular and spread in whole world wherever english people create their colony.

Is it still popular in France

However, in france it is know considered quite rude.

“Répondez s’il vous plaît” leaves the impression as host is begging for an answer.

To make it more elite, It’s now more common to use “Response attendue avant le…” meaning “Your answer is expected

What is SVP

In modern-day in the place of RSVP. French uses SVP which means “s’il vous plait”. In English it means

Types of RSVP

Now let’s learn some variations of RSVP

RSVP, Regrets only

Let’s assume, you are sending invitation to 100 people and most of the guest will sure attend the party.

In this case, you can use “RSVP Regrets only” which means if a guest doesn’t reply, it will be taken as an acceptance.

The benefit of mentioning “RSVP regrets only” or “regrets only” reduces the communication required by both the host and their guests.

Those who are not able to attend, are assumed to reply as “We regret we can not attend”

Isn’t it owesome. I hope you may have learned some elite languages.

Modern day RSVP

In this digital era, invitations can be sent through Email. For example, you can create an event in google calendar as an organizer.

choose the saved contacts or can enter emails.

An Email in the form of an invitation will be received by guests with an option of RSVP. Guests can respond in yes or no instantly with this option.

What does RSVP stand for on an invitation?

Isn’t it cool.

Beware the Wrong use of RSVP

Some People Write “Please RSVP”. It is wrong because Please is included in it. It’s full meaning in English is “Please Reply”.

There is no need to use Please again. Only write RSVP.

Best way to sent invitation digitally with RSVP inbuilt

Now lets discuss some digital way you car create invitation with RSVP


Gmail is the best one, you can create an event in google calendar and send email in bulk. The receiver would receive Gmail as an invitation with an inbuilt option of RSVP.

Just with one click one can RSVP with yes and no option instantly.


Outlook also has the same feature

Other Popular Websites and app

Apart from there are lot of paid services i.e website, apps,. one can create event with RSVP option same as Gmail. But they have other features too. like Dash Board where you can monitor email delivery and RSVP from the guests.

For instance

  1. RSVPify
  2. WeddingWire
  3. Online-RSVP.com
  4. TheKnot
  5. Replied APP


1. What is the full form of RSVP in India?

RSVP is also used in invitation card in India to know the guest consent of attending the party as ‘please respond’
Apart from it ‘RSVP Movies’ is an Indian film production company established by Ronnie Screwvala in 2014.
It’s first film produced Love per Square Foot which was digitally released on Netflix in 2018
You collect more information from their official website RSVPMovies

2. What is RSVP in marriage cards?

RSVP is used in marriage cards to know the consent of the guest whether he/she would be able to attend the party or not.
It is done by the host to know the number of guest before making arrangement for the party such as food, place, etc.

3. Why do we use RSVP in English?

English is the most popular language in the world. Hence the abbreviation of french phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” that mean ‘please respond’ is used as RSVP in invitation cards.

4. What is the abbreviation of RSVP in invitation card?

RSVP is the initialism of French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît” that mean ‘please respond. It is used to request a guest for a response if he/she would be able to attend the party or not

5. How do you RSVP to an invitation?

The guest can call, mail and can send written letter to the organizer.

6. What does Rvsp mean?

It is the short form of French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plaît”

7. RSVP full form in outlook

It is the inbuilt option in an invitation outlook mail where guest can respond through RSVP inbuilt option in yes or no.

8. When did RSVP originate?

RSVP originate in French, came to Britain and spread all over the world.

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