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PhD full form | What is the full form of PhD | What does Ph.D. stand for

Heard about PhD degree in the study (Education). Curious, What is the full form of PhD. After all What does Ph.d. stand for in the education field.

I will talk about all possible full form of PhD in detail.

In short PhD is the highest degree conferred in many field. a PhD holder can use Dr. as prefix with their name.

As Dr. John.

For your wondar, Dr., does not only refer to doctors only. Scholars holding phd degree in any field of reasearch and expertise can use it.

What is the full form of PhD

PhD is an abbreviation of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. It is also called Ph.D in North America, D.Phil or DPhil as ‘Doctor of Philosophy by Small number of British & Commonwealth universities, Oxford, Sussex.

PhDEnglishDoctor of Philosophy
PhDLatinPhilosophiae Doctor

Ph.D. originally is the initialism (short form) of the Latin phrase  ‘Philosophiae Doctor’. In English, it is pronounced ‘Doctor of Philosophy.

In short Ph.D. is the highest degree conferred by university ones a scholar complete its advance research and submit its research paper to his/her supervisor.

phd holder scholars can use Dr. before their name as prefix. such as Dr. julie, Dr thompson etc.

The PhD degree is a post-graduation program. It takes at least 3 years to complete.

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It involves a lot of research work. Students pick a topic, starts its research under one or two supervisors.

Most of the PhD degree require

  1. Completion of coursework
  2. Comprehensive exams
  3. Thesis or dissertation

The main purpose of the Ph.D. degree is, to recognize and prepare next-generation leading scientists and researchers.

List of Field(Subject) for a Phd Degree

  1. Medical
  2. Finance
  3. Mathematics
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistery
  6. Management
  7. Engineering
  8. Biotechnology
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Economics
  11. Health care Managment
  12. statistics
  13. Organisational Behaviour

Nowadays, PhD degree is provided in many subjects. As the business environment is changing new studies are evolving day by day.

Why Phd is called doctor of philosophy

However, philosophy is a separate subject. But for every field Ph.D. degree is called the same doctor of philosophy.

The argument is philosophy also mean ‘love of wisdom’ in Greek language.

Why Phd degree is required

In many universities of the world, the Ph.D. degree is preferred for employment as a university professor, researcher, or scientist in many fields.

History of PhD degree

The concept of a Ph.D. degree first practiced in Europe. In the universities of Medieval Europe, study was organized in four faculties.

  1. Basic faculties of arts
  2. faculties of theology
  3. Faculties of Medicine
  4. Faculties of Laws

Only two-degree Bachler and Masters used to be conferred to scholars. Master degrees and Doctors were used interchangeably for the final degrees.

No research, dissertation (original Work) was required to received doctor degree at that time.

The concept of Phd degree was devloped in germany in 17th century (1652).

The earliest Gernman Phd holders is Erhard Weigel (Dr. phil. hab. Leipzig, 1652).

All universities of Germany started to confer PhD in the 19th century.

The arts faculty which is known as faculty of philosophy started demanding contributions to research, attested by a dissertation, for the award of final degree, which was labeled Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Q.1 what is the full name of Phd

Ans. P.hd is called Doctor of Philosophy in english and Philosophiae Doctor in latin.

Q.2 what is higher than a PhD

Ans. No degree is higher than P.hd

Q.3 why doctor of Philosophy is called PhD

Ans. However, philosophy is a separate subject. But for every field Ph.D. degree is called the same doctor of philosophy. The argument is philosophy also mean ‘love of wisdom’ in Greek language.

Q.4 Can a PhD be called Doctor

Ans. PhD can use Doctor as prefix before their name. As they are expert in their field with highest degree in Education.

Q.5 How many years is a PhD

Ans. Minimum 3 years

Q.6 Is PhD higher than MD

Ans. In medicine field, PhD degree is higher than MD degree.

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